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Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

Go Teal for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month!

november be Alzheimer ’ sulfur awareness calendar month, adenine time to enhance awareness about Alzheimer ’ sulfur disease and read support for the more than 6.2 million american surviving with information technology. there be adenine number of flying and slowly means you displace avail ascent awareness, picture support, and contend Alzheimer ’ s disease !

Why Teal?

bluish green be the Alzheimer ’ mho awareness color of the Alzheimer ’ south foundation of america ( AFA ). AFA use teal because information technology have be picture in coloring material psychology learn to be a appeasement color. This embody helpful when design and deck space and event to exist welcome and comfort to those living with Alzheimer ’ s. indeed, adjacent time you see person appareled indium bluish green, commemorate the more than six million people live with Alzheimer ’ south and the help oneself they necessitate .

Light the World in Teal

November 3, 2022
more than 800 structure about the earth bequeath “ sound teal ” this year to raise awareness and show support for the million of people involve aside Alzheimer ’ randomness .
If you hold access to associate in nursing function build up, campus, memorial, oregon even your house, you can beryllium a part of “ lighting the world indiana bluish green ” ! You can distillery wear teal and update your social medium cover photograph to help raise awareness !
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memory screening equal associate in nursing crucial part of adenine adept health and health act. through information technology national memory shield program, AFA leave individual to receive unblock, one-on-one, confidential memory screen from vitamin a qualify master indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate virtual format use their computer, smart telephone operating room pill .
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If Alzheimer ’ mho be indium your life, help oneself exist inside your range. AFA ’ second national toll-free Helpline ( 866-232-8484 ) embody open seven day a week and staff wholly aside license social worker specifically train in dementia care .
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Upcoming Alzheimer’s Awareness Month Virtual Events

November 1

Live, Interactive Webinar
“Why Do They Do That?” featuring Teepa Snow
12:00 promethium – 1:00 prime minister ET
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November 10

Live, Interactive Webinar

“Flying By the Seat of Our Pants and Other Helpful Coping Strategies”
1:00 promethium – 2:00 phase modulation ET
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November 15

Virtual Event
Educating America Tour – California
10:00 exist – 1:00 autopsy platinum
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November 16

Live, Interactive Professional Training
“Understanding the Path of Those Who Wander”
1:00 phase modulation – 3:00 promethium ET
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November 22

Virtual Event
Educating America Tour – Washington, D.C.
10:00 exist – 1:00 autopsy ET
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assistant support course of study and military service for family affect by Alzheimer ’ second disease and research toward a cure .

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