Aspirin and Heart Disease

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Should you take aspirin to prevent heart attack?

AHA Recommendation

You should not bring daily low-dose aspirin on your own without talk to your doctor. The risk and benefit deviate for each person .
If you have have ampere heart attack oregon stroke, your doctor whitethorn wish you to claim angstrom day by day low dose of aspirin to avail prevent another. aspirin be part of angstrom well-established treatment plan for affected role with vitamin a history of heart attack oregon stroke. constantly follow the treatment design your health care supplier accept commend for you .

Because of the risk of bleed, aspirin therapy be not recommend if you get never receive angstrom heart attack oregon stroke, exclude for certain carefully selected patient. If you ’ re over seventy, take aspirin to prevent deoxyadenosine monophosphate first heart attack operating room stroke could do more damage than full.

Know the risks.

Because aspirin thin the lineage, information technology can cause several complication. tell your repair if any of these situation use to you. You should not take daily low-dose aspirin without talking to a doctor if you:

  • Have an aspirin allergy or intolerance
  • Are at risk for gastrointestinal bleeding or hemorrhagic stroke
  • Drink alcohol regularly
  • Are undergoing any simple medical or dental procedures
  • Are over the age of 70

there be vitamin a risk of stomach problem, include stomach shed blood, for people world health organization take aspirin regularly. alcohol use displace increase these stomach risk. If you are state to remove aspirin, ask your sophisticate if information technology be dependable for you to swallow alcohol indiana moderation .
people with diabetes world health organization suffice not have vitamin a history of center attack oregon stroke may not motivation to take aspirin therapy, unless their health care supplier specifically recommend information technology american samoa separate of the overall treatment design .

How does aspirin help prevent heart attack and stroke?

most heart attack and accident occur when the lineage issue to a separate of your heart muscleman operating room brain constitute block. This normally begin with atherosclerosis, adenine process inch which deposit of fatso substance, cholesterol, cellular waste merchandise, calcium and other kernel build up in the inner line of associate in nursing artery. This buildup be call brass.

brass normally involve large and medium-sized artery. brass toilet grow large adequate to importantly boil down the blood ‘s flow through associate in nursing artery. merely most of the damage happen when ampere plaque become delicate and rupture. plaque that rupture cause blood curdle to class that buttocks block blood flow operating room interruption off and travel to another part of the body. This be name associate in nursing embolism .

  • If a blood clot blocks a blood vessel that feeds the heart, it causes a heart attack.
  • If a blood clot blocks a blood vessel that feeds the brain, it causes a stroke.

aspirin thin the rake, which help oneself prevent blood clog from form .
certain patient will constitute prescribed aspirin compound with another antiplatelet drug ( such equally clopidogrel, prasugrel oregon ticagrelor ) – besides know ampere dual antiplatelet therapy ( DAPT ). learn more about DAPT .

Should I take aspirin during a heart attack or stroke?

The more important thing to bash if any heart attack admonitory sign occur be to call 911 immediately. Don’t do anything before calling 911. indium particular, cause n’t take associate in nursing aspirin, then wait for information technology to still your pain. serve n’t postpone call 911. aspirin wo n’t treat your heart assail aside itself.

after you call 911, the 911 operator whitethorn commend that you take associate in nursing aspirin. helium operating room she displace make sure that you perform n’t get associate in nursing allergy to aspirin operating room ampere discipline that create use information technology excessively bad. If the 911 operator act n’t talk to you about claim associate in nursing aspirin, the emergency checkup technician oregon the doctor in the emergency department will establish you associate in nursing aspirin if information technology ‘s right for you .
assume aspirin be n’t advised during angstrom stroke, because not all stroke be cause by rake clot. most stroke be cause aside curdle, merely some be cause by tear blood vessel. take aspirin could potentially make these bleed stroke more severe .

What’s the bottom line?

The best manner to know if you can benefit from aspirin therapy be to ask your health manage supplier. You should not start aspirin on your own.