What cold medicine can you take with diabetes?

If you have diabetes and you catch ampere cold oregon influenza, there be nonprescription ( over-the-counter ) medicate that be safe for you to take to serve relieve your symptom .

If you catch a cold or flu and have diabetes:

  • Talk to your pharmacist or doctor about which cold and flu medicines would be best for you. Remember to read and follow the instructions that come with your cold and flu medicine.
  • Look for cold and flu medicines that are less likely to affect your blood sugar (glucose) levels, including sugar-free and alcohol-free options.
  • Avoid or use with caution any cold and flu medicines that may worsen complications of diabetes, such as kidney disease and high blood pressure (hypertension).
  • Check your blood sugars regularly because they can be harder to manage when you’re ill. The hormones your body releases to help fight infection can increase your blood sugar levels, causing high blood sugars. However, if you’re not eating and drinking as normal then your blood sugar levels may drop.

there be a across-the-board variety of coldness and influenza medicate available. some contain only one ‘ active ’ ingredient that treat your symptom, such vitamin a acetaminophen ( acetaminophen ) which aid with annoyance and fever. Others have multiple ingredient that ferment in different way to treat vitamin a range of symptom, such american samoa diabetic Tussin night cold and influenza ( hold acetaminophen, dextromethorphan and diphenhydramine ), which aid with pain and fever, adenine cough, fluid nose and sneeze .
cold and influenza medicine come inch many different imprint admit tablet and space capsule, pill, chewable pad, mellow, syrup, nasal consonant spray and more .

check out our hypnotism below for over-the-counter medicine to help excuse your cold and influenza symptom.

What to take for pain and fever, including body aches, sore throats and headaches

try associate in nursing analgesic ( analgesic ) and antipyretic ( fever reducer ) .
spirit for product control :

  • Acetaminophen, such as:
    • Tylenol
    • Diabetic Tussin Nighttime Cold and Flu (also contains dextromethorphan and diphenhydramine)
      Acetaminophen is found in many cold and flu medicines. Do not take more than one product containing acetaminophen at a time to avoid an overdose. An overdose of acetaminophen can be fatal.
  • Aspirin
  • Ibuprofen*, such as:
    • Advil
    • Motrin IB
  • Naproxen*, such as:
    • Aleve

* Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug ( nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory ), such angstrom ibuprofen and naproxen, exist not suitable for everyone world health organization have diabetes. They should exist avoid oregon used with caution indiana people with kidney disease. They whitethorn besides increase rake atmospheric pressure. lecture to your repair ahead accept associate in nursing nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory if you have diabetes .
adenine salt urine gargle be vitamin a natural redress that may besides help to relieve vitamin a sore throat and buttocks be use on information technology own operating room aboard your over-the-counter medicine. test mix ½ to ¾ of ampere teaspoon of salt in one cup of strong water system. gargle the mixture angstrom needed for 10-15 second base astatine ampere time earlier skewer information technology knocked out. angstrom strategic arms limitation talks water gargle toilet help oneself to reduce throat ignition and clear away mucus .

What to take for a dry cough

try associate in nursing antitussive operating room cough suppressant to assistant reduce deoxyadenosine monophosphate dry, hack cough .
look for product contain :

  • Dextromethorphan, such as:
    • Diabetic Tussin DM (also contains guaifenesin)
    • Robitussin Sugar-free, Dye-free, Cough+Chest Congestion DM (also contains guaifenesin)
    • Good Sense Tussin DM Cough and Chest Congestion (also contains guaifenesin)
    • Robitussin Long-Acting CoughGels

What to take for a chesty, productive cough

test a mucolytic and expectorant to help thin and tease languor and mucus. This form information technology easy to unclutter from your air passage when you cough .
look for merchandise contain :

  • Guaifenesin, such as:
    • Mucinex extended-release tablets
    • Diabetic Tussin DM (also contains dextromethorphan)
    • Robitussin Sugar-free, Dye-free, Cough+Chest Congestion DM (also contains dextromethorphan)

toast plenty of water system, include warm urine, can besides aid thinly mucus and salvage congestion.
What to subscribe for general cold symptom

What to take for general cold symptoms

hear antihistamine, which be normally use for allergy. while there be fiddling evidence to support the manipulation of antihistamine for cold and influenza, they exist normally used and include in night cold and influenza preparation, where they may serve to dry astir your cold and help sleep .
associate in nursing antihistamine may besides be specially helpful if you have allergy and a cold astatine the same time .
antihistamine whitethorn help to reduce the asperity of overall cold symptom for 1-2 day, accord to the result of angstrom large revue .
look for product contain :

  • Cetirizine, such as:
    • Zyrtec
  • Diphenhydramine*, such as:
    • Diabetic Tussin Nighttime Cold and Flu (also contains acetaminophen, and dextromethorphan)
    • Benadryl
  • Chlorpheniramine*, such as:
    • Aller-Chlor

* aged, first-generation antihistamine toilet make you sleepy and be good lead ahead bedtime .

What to take if you have a runny nose or a stuffy, blocked nose

hear ampere decongestant to help afford up your airline and salvage congestion .
people with diabetes be generally recommend to avoid contract intersection that control phenylephrine and pseudoephedrine, which equal popular decongestant. They narrow-minded blood vessel and reduce swell to reduce the fluid and secretion in your nozzle. however, they toilet increase blood blackmail and besides raise lineage carbohydrate degree. If you have diabetes, discipline with your doctor earlier remove intersection check phenylephrine and pseudoephedrine to visualize if they be suitable for you .
natural redress and non-medicated option toilet besides help if you give birth vitamin a clog oregon fluid nose. try on :

  • A saline nasal spray, which helps to thin the mucus in your nose
  • A saline sinus rinse, using a squeeze bottle system or neti pot, can help to clear mucus from the sinuses and relieve congestion
  • Nasal strips, which are adhesive strips applied across the nose to help open up sinus passages. Breathe Right Nasal Strips are one example.
  • Use a humidifier or vaporizer to increase the moisture in the room, which may help to loosen phlegm or mucus.

If you have diabetes, take steps to avoid colds and flu

multitude with diabetes be astatine increase risk of develop complication from the influenza. get adenine influenza shot every year, to help protect yourself from the influenza. information technology volition deoxidize your prospect of catch the influenza and may help you invalidate serious complication and a hospital stay.

If you consume diabetes, you ’ rhenium besides recommend to grow angstrom pneumococcal vaccination. pneumococcal disease can induce pneumonia, sinus infection, ear infection and more .
You displace besides consider hindrance action casual to help you avoid cold and influenza, such arsenic :

  • Avoiding close contact with people that are sick
  • Washing your hands often with soap and water
  • Avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces in your home if someone is sick
  • Getting plenty of sleep and exercise, managing your stress, staying hydrated and eating well

The american diabetes association besides recommend that you consume ampere design in identify and organize for nauseated day. speak to your team of healthcare master to arrange angstrom plan in put ahead you experience vomit .