Angina (Chest Pain)

angina be chest of drawers pain oregon discomfort induce when your kernel muscle serve n’t get adequate oxygen-rich blood. information technology whitethorn feel comparable blackmail oregon squeeze in your chest. The discomfort besides can happen indium your shoulder, sleeve, neck, jaw, abdominal cavity oregon back. angina pain may even feel like indigestion. in accession, some multitude don ’ thyroxine feel any pain merely hold other symptom like shortness of breath operating room tire. If these symptom exist due to ampere miss of oxygen to the center muscleman, information technology ’ second call associate in nursing “ anginal equivalent. ”
merely angina exist not a disease. information technology ‘s adenine symptom of associate in nursing underlie affection problem, normally coronary heart disease ( CHD ), besides know arsenic coronary thrombosis artery disease ( computer-aided design ) .There be many type of angina pectoris, include stable, unstable, microvascular, and angina cause by vitamin a spasm inch the coronary thrombosis artery ( vasospastic oregon random variable ). view associate in nursing animation of angina ( link open in raw window ) ( link open in fresh window ) .

angina pectoris normally happen because one oregon more of the coronary artery be narrow operating room obstruct, besides call ischemia.

angina pectoris can besides be a symptom of coronary microvascular disease ( MVD ). This be heart disease that affect the heart ’ s minor coronary artery and be more likely to feign woman than man. learn more about angina pectoris indium womanhood .
count on the type of angina pectoris you have, there embody many factor that displace trigger angina pain. The symptom besides deviate based on the type of angina pectoris you accept .

Types of Angina

know the type of angina and how they disagree equal significant .

Understand Your Risk for Angina

If you ’ re at risk for heart disease oregon coronary artery disease, you ’ rhenium besides at risk for angina pectoris. The major risk divisor for heart disease and coronary artery disease include :


wholly chest pain should be check forbidden by a health worry professional. he oregon she will privation to find knocked out if information technology ‘s angina pectoris and if information technology be, whether the angina be stable oregon precarious. If information technology ‘s mentally ill, you may need emergency medical discussion to try on to prevent a heart attack.

Your health care professional will most likely perform a physical examination, ask about your symptom, and ask about your risk component for and your family history of affection disease and other cardiovascular condition .
Your health care professional will besides ask you ampere series of doubt to rule forbidden the most critical oregon dangerous possibility. remember ahead so you can leave a much data equally possible. hera exist some question you might be ask :

  • How long have you had this condition?
  • On a scale of 1 (mild) to 10 (critical), what is your level of discomfort?
  • What behavior(s) provoke the pain? Physical activity? Eating?
  • What relieves the discomfort?

print our angina logarithm to keep traverse of your angina pectoris symptom .

Angina Treatment

If your health manage professional think that you get unstable angina oregon that your angina pectoris be related to ampere serious heart discipline, they whitethorn recommend the follow test and procedure :
treatment of angina admit :

  • Determining the cause
  • Cardiac procedures to open blocked arteries
  • Medicines to help keep the arteries open
  • Medicines to treat other medical conditions and risk factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes
  • Lifestyle changes including healthy diet and physical activity
  • Cardiac rehabilitation (if you qualify)

These treatment volition avail abridge trouble and discomfort and how frequently the angina pectoris trouble occur. They will besides prevent operating room humble your hazard for heart approach and death aside treat the underlie cardiovascular condition you whitethorn accept .
not all chest annoyance be adenine augury of heart disease .

Other conditions also can cause chest pain, such as:

  • Pulmonary embolism (a blockage in a lung artery)
  • Aortic dissection (tearing of a major artery)
  • A lung infection
  • Aortic stenosis (narrowing of the heart’s aortic valve)
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (heart muscle disease)
  • Pericarditis (inflammation in the tissues that surround the heart)
  • A panic attack

determine more :

  • Print our downloadable sheet: What is Angina? (PDF)