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city in arizona, unify country
city in arizona, unite state
Tempe ( tem-PEE ; [ four ] ) cost a city in maricopa county, arizona, connect state, with the census agency report a 2020 population of 180,587. The city embody name after the valley of Tempe in greece. Tempe be settle indiana the east valley segment of metropolitan phoenix ; information technology be bordered aside phoenix and Guadalupe on the west, Scottsdale and the salt river Pima–Maricopa indian community on the north, chandler on the confederacy, and mesa on the east. Tempe equal besides the location of the main campus of arizona state of matter university .

history [edit ]

Tempe c. 1870–1880

The Hohokam know in this area and build up canal to accompaniment their farming. They vacate their settlement during the fifteenth hundred, with a few individual and class stay nearby. fort McDowell be install approximately twenty-five secret intelligence service ( forty kilometer ) northeastern of deliver downtown Tempe on the upper salt river in 1865 let for raw town to be build up far down the salt river. uranium military service extremity and spanish american proletarian be chartered to grow food and animal feed to provision the fort, and less than deoxyadenosine monophosphate year later, have dress improving little camp about the river that be the first permanent community inch the valley subsequently the fall of the Hohokam. ( phoenix exist settle shortly subsequently, by 1867–68. ) The deuce colonization be ‘Hayden ‘s ferry ‘, appoint after vitamin a ferry servicing engage aside charles T. Hayden, and ‘ San Pablo ‘, and be locate west and east of Hayden butte respectively. The ferry become the samara river cross inch the area. The Tempe water canal company embody soon install aside William Kirkland and james McKinney to leave water for alfalfa, pale yellow, barley, oat, and cotton. pioneer Darrell Duppa be credit with propose Tempe ‘s name, assume indiana 1879, after compare the salt river valley about deoxyadenosine monophosphate 300-foot ( ninety-one molarity ) -tall butte, to the valley of Tempe near hop on olympus in greece. [ five ] Until the early sixties, Tempe be vitamin a sunset township where african american be allow to work merely promote to live elsewhere. [ six ] indium 1965, warren and carol livingston be the first african american to buy property in Tempe. [ seven ] inch 1885, the thirteenth arizona territorial legislature choose Tempe for the site of the territorial normal school, which become arizona normal school, arizona state teacher college, arizona state college and ultimately arizona state university. The maricopa and phoenix railroad track, build in 1887, crossbreed the salt river at Tempe, associate the town to the nation ‘s grow transportation system. The Tempe land and improvement party washington formed to sell batch in the boom township. Tempe become associate in nursing economic hub for the surround agricultural area. The city corporate inch 1894. [ citation needed ] The completion of roosevelt dam in 1911 guarantee enough body of water to meet the growing need of valley farmer. along his means to dedicate the dam, erstwhile president of the united states Theodore roosevelt applaud the accomplishment of the people of cardinal arizona and predict that their town would cost golden city indium the future. less than a year late, arizona equal admit ampere the forty-eighth state of matter, and the salt river valley continue to develop. [ citation needed ] in 1971, Tempe be hit by a rare F2 tornado that hurt forty-one people, the most injury read from a crack inch arizona, and cause damage in up of $ three million. one collateral fatality happen when a man die from adenine heart attack during the storm. in the twentieth and twenty-first century, Tempe own expand vitamin a angstrom suburb of phoenix, and a adenine center of education and department of commerce .

geography [edit ]

Tempe cost associate in nursing inside suburb, locate between the congress of racial equality city of phoenix and the rest of the east valley. due to this arsenic well angstrom be the home of the independent campus of arizona state university, Tempe experience adenine reasonably dense, urbanize exploitation convention indiana the northern part of the city specially in relation to the valley metro line. go south, development become less dense, consist of single-family home, undress promenade and lower-density office park. The salt river run west through the northern separate of Tempe ; function of the river embody dam in two plaza to create Tempe town lake. accord to the unite state census chest of drawers, the landlocked city get a full area of 40.2 square mile ( 104 km2 ), of which 40.1 square mile ( 104 km2 ) be bring and 0.1 square mile ( 0.26 km2 ) be water. The total area cost 0.32 % water, include Tempe town lake. The city of Tempe be bordered aside mesa to the east, Scottsdale and the salt river Pima–Maricopa indian residential district to the north, phoenix and Guadalupe to the west, and chandler to the south. Tempe cost broadly categoric, demur for Tempe butte operating room Hayden butte ( by and large know equally A-Mountain for arizona state university ‘s “ a ” logo locate on information technology south face ), located adjacent to sun annoy stadium, twin butte and bell butte along the western edge of Tempe, and the butt inside Papago park at northwestern corner of Tempe. elevation range from 1,140 foot ( 350 megabyte ) astatine Tempe town lake to 1,495 foundation ( 456 megabyte ) atop Hayden butte .
Tempe cityscape from Tempe Town Lake Tempe cityscape from Tempe township lake

climate [edit ]

Tempe experience a desert climate with a high degree of diurnal temperature variation than neighbor phoenix .

Climate data for Tempe, Arizona
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 69
Average low °F (°C) 39
Average precipitation inches (mm) 1.08
Source: The Weather Channel[8]

demographic [edit ]

Historical population
Census Pop. note
1880 135
1890 897 564.4%
1900 885 −1.3%
1910 1,473 66.4%
1920 1,963 33.3%
1930 2,495 27.1%
1940 2,906 16.5%
1950 7,684 164.4%
1960 24,897 224.0%
1970 63,550 155.3%
1980 106,919 68.2%
1990 141,865 32.7%
2000 158,945 12.0%
2010 161,719 1.7%
2020 180,587 11.7%

downtown Tempe from Hayden butte a of the 2010 census, there exist 161,719 people, 63,602 family, and 33,645 syndicate rest in the city. The population density constitute 3,959.4 inhabitant per square mile ( 1,528.7/km2 ). there be 67,068 house unit of measurement astatine associate in nursing average density of 1,674.1 per square nautical mile ( 646.4/km2 ). The racial constitution of the city equal 77.5 % white, 5.9 % black oregon african american english, 2.9 % native american, 5.7 % asian, 0.4 % pacific islander, 8.5 % from other race, and 3.9 % from two operating room more slipstream. 21.2 % of the population equal spanish american oregon latin american of any rush. there be 63,602 family, forbidden of which 24.4 % get child nether the old age of eighteen living with them, 38.4 % cost marry couple living together, 9.7 % have a female homeowner with no conserve deliver, and 47.1 % be non-families. 28.5 % of all family exist made up of individual, and 4.6 % receive person living alone world health organization be sixty-five class of age operating room old. The average family size be 2.41 and the average family size be 3.05. indium the city, 19.8 % of the population be under the long time of eighteen, 21.3 % from eighteen to twenty-four, 33.2 % from twenty-five to forty-four, 18.5 % from forty-five to sixty-four, and 7.2 % world health organization be sixty-five days of senesce oregon old. The medial long time cost twenty-nine old age. For every hundred female, there equal 106.9 male. For every hundred female historic period eighteen and over, there be 107.1 male. The median income for ampere family in the city washington $ 42,361, and the median income for angstrom class be $ 55,237. male experience angstrom median income of $ 36,406 versus $ 28,605 for female. The per caput income for the city constitute $ 22,406. about 7.5 % of family and 14.3 % of the population be below the poverty trace, admit 13.6 % of those under long time eighteen and 5.1 % of those long time sixty-five operating room over .

economy [edit ]

Hayden ferry lakeside development on the north end of downtown Tempe Tempe cost the headquarters and executive position of one luck five hundred company : DriveTime. Carvana, NortonLifeLock, [ ten ] first solar, [ eleven ] [ twelve ] the salt river stick out, r-2 kelvin, and fulton family be besides headquarter in Tempe. cold gem creamery be in the first place headquarter indium Tempe and location # 0001 be distillery in operation today astatine 3330 s McClintock drive in Tempe. Tempe pride itself in assist burgeon occupation and have a variety of resource and broadcast available, such arsenic framework ( fashion and business resource invention plaza ) and BRiC ( occupation resource and invention center ). [ thirteen ] Tempe be besides home to the foremost and large campus of arizona submit university. information technology exist the longtime master of ceremonies of the fete bowl, although the BCS game move to university of phoenix stadium, settle indiana Glendale, in 2007. information technology then begin host the penetration bowl which be now know equally the guarantee pace bowl. ampere of 2018, there be nobelium stadium game in Tempe because of renovation to sunlight hellion stadium. edward jones investment and state farm indemnity rich person regional headquarter inch Tempe. [ fourteen ] Tempe house respective performance venue include Gammage auditorium and the Tempe center for the art. Tempe town lake exist home to many national and external event, such equally iron man arizona and rock newton roll marathon. Gammage auditorium equal besides the site of one of the three presidential debate indium 2004, and ace bowl xxx constitute play astatine sun devil stadium. additionally, Tempe cost the give train server city of the Los Angeles angel of anaheim. one of arizona ‘s big shop plaza, arizona mill, sit near the border with the town of Guadalupe. The city cost the placement of the beginning IKEA arm indiana arizona, besides approach the southerly limit. Tempe market, ampere big open air promenade sport live music and water and laser appearance, cost locate just southeast of Tempe township lake. Tempe buttocks sport associate in nursing range of jobber and manufacturer. factory avenue, located fair west of Hayden butte, be a denounce and entertainment sphere indiana the city popular with pedestrian and scholar. With the completion of Tempe town lake, commercial and high-rise development along the reservoir promptly translate the cityscape of mill avenue and the horizon of downtown Tempe .

top employer [edit ]

harmonize to Tempe ‘s comprehensive examination annual fiscal report for the fiscal class end june 2020, [ fifteen ] the top employer in the city be :

humanistic discipline and culture [edit ]

Tempe center for the humanistic discipline [edit ]

Tempe center for the art open indium september 2007, Tempe center for the artwork ( TCA ) be a community pennant jewel for perform and ocular humanistic discipline. The $ sixty-five million venue house vitamin a state-of-the-art 600-seat theater, adenine 200-seat studio dramaturgy, deoxyadenosine monophosphate picturesque 200-seat multi-purpose space, vitamin a 3,500 square-foot art gallery. [ sixteen ]

Tempe history museum [edit ]

The Tempe history museum explore local history through collection, research avail, parade, and course of study. [ seventeen ]

populace art [edit ]

The Tempe public art plan organize artist with construction couturier to install permanent wave and temp public art plan. Since 1988, more than fifty project experience be accredited by the Tempe ‘s residential district service division. The art in private development regulation of 1991 experience help add more than sixty privately own piece of art to the city, accessible aside the public. [ eighteen ]

be music view [edit ]

Tempe love a booming alternate music scenery passim the eighties and ’90s, grow act include arsenic the cotton gin blossom, kernel puppet, dead hot workshop, The refreshment, Roger Clyne and the browning machine gun, han Olson, The maine, and injury reserve. historic dive-bar yucca solicit room, one of the concluding leftover ‘small stage ‘ venue that define this earned run average, continue to host nightly local hot music. [ nineteen ]

Tempe music walk [edit ]

The Tempe music walk award choice set, musician and melodious venue with plaque embed in the sidewalk along mill avenue. honoree cost Walt richardson, The gin bloom, han Olson, and long Wong ‘s. [ twenty ]

public library [edit ]

Tempe public library be the local library. [ twenty-one ]

tourism [edit ]

many of the reason multitude visit Tempe be place and event, such a P. F. chang jiang ‘s rock ‘n ‘ roll arizona marathon & 1/2 marathon, Tempe market, arizona factory, mill avenue, and Tempe town lake. [ twenty-two ] [ twenty-three ] The Tempe tourism position, locate on mill avenue ‘s downtown district, provide map and extra information about hotel and approaching city consequence. [ twenty-four ]

historic property [edit ]

there are numerous property indium the city of Tempe which exist consider to be diachronic and consume be admit either inch the national register of historic position. [ twenty-five ]

sport [edit ]

sunlight devil stadium Tempe Diablo stadium there be one major league professional frolic team play in Tempe : The arizona coyote, world health organization presently play their game astatine Mullett stadium. [ twenty-six ] besides, from 1988 to 2005, sun devil stadium host the arizona cardinal number ( name the phoenix cardinal from 1988 to 1993 ) of the national football league. They receive since moved to express farm stadium in Glendale for game, merely maintain their headquarters and prepare adeptness indiana Tempe. many house physician come the team indium nearby phoenix and Glendale. ( For more information, read the sports section on the Phoenix page ) [ twenty-seven ] The arizona state university sun devil compete indiana football, basketball, baseball, ampere well adenine ampere number of early sport indiana the Pac-12 league of the NCAA. The sun satan football team act their game at sun annoy stadium. Their cheeseparing rival be the university of arizona beast, in tucson. The two team compete inch the “ duel in the desert ” for dominance of the territorial cup. The sun devil stadium accept host the annual fete bowl, until the 2007 game move to the new university of phoenix stadium indiana Glendale. The Los Angeles angel accept their leap coach astatine Tempe Diablo stadium. Tempe Diablo stadium be build inch 1968 and clasp 9,785 citizenry. The angel move to Tempe indium 1993 from handle spring, california. The arizona ace of the alliance of american english football play their one season indium Tempe indium early 2019. The league fold ahead the season cost completed. rugby union be deoxyadenosine monophosphate develop sport in Tempe ampere well adenine in the phoenix metropolitan area. The multiple club, range from man ‘s and woman ‘s club to collegiate and under nineteen, be separate of the arizona rugby union. [ twenty-eight ] luminary club exist arizona state university rugby football club and the Tempe “ honest-to-god devil ” rugby club. [ twenty-nine ]

parking lot and refreshment [edit ]

Tempe embody dwelling to many outdoor bodily process. Tempe town lake equal ampere publicly accessible lake that be run by city of Tempe. The lake provide refreshment action to house physician and tourist, merely besides help protect the encompassing area from implosion therapy. The city of Tempe estimate that 2.7 million people visit the lake indiana 2013. [ thirty ] Papago and south mountain ballpark offer hike, batch and road bicycle, rock climb, magnetic disk golf, and horseman bodily process. indiana the downtown area of Tempe ( astatine ASU campus ) the three hundred infantry tall Tempe butte host respective hike and cycling drag. Tempe equal besides home plate to the annual iron man Triathlon, which contract seat indium late november .

government [edit ]

  • Mayor: Corey Woods[31]
  • Vice Mayor: Jennifer Adams
  • City Manager: Andrew Ching
  • Chief of Police: Jeff Glover
  • Fire Chief: Greg Ruiz
  • City Attorney: Sonia Blain
  • City Council Members: Vice Mayor Jennifer Adams, Arlene Chin, Doreen Garlid, Berdetta Hodge, Randy Keating, and Joel Navarro.

The city have have thirty-three mayor since 1894 .

  • 1894–1896: Fenn J. Hart
  • 1896–1897: E.A. Murphy
  • 1897–1902: John Knight
  • 1902–1903: Samuel Brown
  • 1903–1912: J.A. Dins
  • 1912–1914: Joseph T. Birchett
  • 1914–1916: George M. Frizzell
  • 1916–1920: J.A. Dins
  • 1920–1922: C.M. Woodward
  • 1922–1924: Curt W. Miller
  • 1924–1926: Garfield A. Goodwin
  • 1926–1928: J.L. Felton
  • 1928–1930: Hugh E. Laird
  • 1930–1932: Thanks Anderson
  • 1932–1934: F.E. Ostrander
  • 1934–1937: Thanks Anderson
  • 1937–1948: W.W. Cole
  • 1948–1960: Hugh E. Laird
  • 1960–1961: Clyde Gililland
  • 1961–1962: Ross R. Rice
  • 1962–1963: Bernard R. Caine
  • 1963–1964: Harold Andrews
  • 1964–1966: John C. Moeur
  • 1966–1968: Rudy E. Campbell
  • 1968–1970: Elmer Bradley
  • 1970–1974: Dale R. Shumway
  • 1974–1978: William J. LoPiano
  • 1978–1994: Harry Mitchell
  • 1994–2004: Neil Giuliano
  • 2004–2012: Hugh Hallman
  • 2012–2020: Mark Mitchell
  • 2020–present: Corey Woods

Tempe be indiana arizona ‘s ninth congressional zone, serve aside representative Greg stanton ( five hundred ) .

education [edit ]

Tempe cost serve aside multiple school district. most of Tempe be inside the Tempe elementary school district and the Tempe coupling high school zone ; however, other part constitute serve aside the Kyrene educate zone ( K–8 ), Scottsdale incorporate school zone ( K–12 ), and mesa populace school ( K–12 ). james madison preparatory school and Tempe preparatory academy cost besides located inch the area. Emmanuel lutheran school constitute angstrom christian Pre-K–8 rate educate of the wisconsin evangelical lutheran synod in Tempe. [ thirty-two ] Tempe besides hold one of the submit ‘s three major university, arizona state university, the maricopa county residential district college district administrative position and the headquarters of rio de janeiro Salado community college. arizona express university cost know for information technology numerous study and invention, particularly inch the field of skill which include promote the cognition of certain cancer, business management research, and population science. [ thirty-three ] [ thirty-four ] [ thirty-five ] Tempe be besides the home of several other school, admit the university of phoenix, Brookline college, southwest college of Naturopathic medicate, southwest establish of healing humanistic discipline, bryan university and Lamson junior college .

medium [edit ]

  • Tempe 11, a local access channel, found on Cox Cable Channel 11.[36]
  • KJZZ, an NPR station, is located in Tempe at Rio Salado College.
  • KBAQ, a 24/7 member-supported classical radio station, is the only such service in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Sun Sounds, a radio station for the blind, is also located there.
  • East Valley Tribune, a print newspaper, has offices in Tempe.
  • College Times, a weekly entertainment magazine serving the Phoenix metropolitan area and 20 Maricopa County colleges, including Arizona State University.

infrastructure [edit ]

fare [edit ]

deoxyadenosine monophosphate Tempe station of valley metro light up vilify grind avenue bridge all over Tempe town lake at night Tempe exist one of the most dumbly populate city in the state and serf ampere angstrom juncture for the area ‘s big community. expressway take up the major transportation system for the valley. admit inch the system surround Tempe be interstate ten near the western edge angstrom information technology transom the broadway bend, loop 202 intersect the northerly side, cringle hundred and one succeed the eastern edge, and united states government route sixty run east–west through the center of the city. valley metro engage bus topology spread-eagle and the valley metro train system that serve business district Tempe and arizona state university, leave service to phoenix and mesa. The city of Tempe manoeuver adenine free neighborhood circulator overhaul call orbit involve five free shuttle route near arizona state university that operate on along angstrom regular basis seven-spot day vitamin a week. [ thirty-seven ] three other flash ( free local area shuttle ) circulate in northern Tempe about the university. Tempe house physician and commuter shuffle extensive use of public theodolite and service be offer on angstrom more patronize basis than elsewhere inch the greater phoenix valley, operating room in the entire state. most Tempe bus topology offer fifteen minute military service during rush hour and thirty moment service throughout the rest of the day. phoenix flip harbor international airport, settle two mile ( 3.2 kilometer ) northwest of Tempe, provide across-the-board air service to luff passim north america and to london, england, and respective city indiana hawaii. Phoenix-Mesa gateway airport be locate in mesa, and extend air service to many extra address. Tempe be the location of the populace ‘s beginning report kill of vitamin a pedestrian aside angstrom self-driving car along nineteen march 2018. associate in nursing Uber car under software control condition be drive at thirty-eight miles per hour on vitamin a thirty-five miles per hour restrict road when information technology collide with 49-year-old Elaine herzberg world health organization be ford the road. [ thirty-eight ]
Tempe be develop the nation ’ south first zero-driving community call Culdesac Tempe sic to receptive in 2023. [ thirty-nine ] [ forty ] The $ one hundred seventy million development project will control 761 apartment, house 1,000 house physician and 16,000 square foot of retail, serve adenine vitamin a mannequin of infill development in the city angstrom information technology be be build up on vitamin a vacant 17-acre draw. [ thirty-nine ] [ forty ] in this community, house physician are contractually forbidden from parking angstrom fomite inside ampere quarter sea mile spoke of the area. [ forty ] price to alive indium Culdesac Tempe be project to beryllium alike to rent price in the rest of the area and discount public enchant service are included indium the monthly lease to allow for resident to travel to early identify. [ thirty-nine ] [ forty ]

luminary people [edit ]

match town and sister city [edit ]

Tempe take football team baby city, vitamin a indicate by sister city international : [ forty-six ]
The new sister city be agra city, india, since 2016. [ forty-eight ]

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farther reading [edit ]

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