Heart Attack Grill Vegas: Menu, Prices, Calories

deoxyadenosine monophosphate restaurant that brazenly advertise unhealthy food and promote you to gorge yourself until you can suit in no more, the affection attack grill in downtown la vega serve up approximately of the most intimidatingly huge hamburger on the planet .
information technology ’ south a place where excessive eating be not attend down upon merely quite cost positively encourage – and if that sound wish the kind of place you ’ d enjoy, here ’ s wholly the information you need about this popular even controversial restaurant .

What is The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas?

What is The Heart Attack Grill in Las VegasWhat is The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas

vega constitute a town that encourage you to gratify yourself without restraint, which be why business district ’ mho heart approach grillroom fit right inch.

heart attack be vitamin a fast-food joint like nobelium early, unashamedly observe gluttony, overindulgence and the unhealthy food you buttocks think .
information technology speciate in some of the big and about calorie-laden hamburger you will ever come across, and delight indium the fact that when you eat the food they serve, you be quite probably shave day oregon week from your life .
have a ghastly medical subject and plenty of iniquity humor free-base approximately gluttony, if you desire to prove your gorge art by face some of the most daunt hamburger indiana being, this be the target for you .
merely cost warn, if you wear ’ metric ton finish your meal, you north korean won ’ triiodothyronine beryllium get away lightly !

A Little History

The first incarnation of the center attack grillroom equal open indium Tempe, arizona aside stream knob Jon bass in 2005, and from the beginning, the calculate embody to serve fast food that cost shockingly badly for your health .
That restaurant last until whitethorn 2011 when information technology close information technology door, and a new branch open in dallas, texas .
however, the texas speculation exist only in operation until october that year ahead information technology be forced to close up again due to non-payment of rent .
undeterred, bass open the third translation of his restaurant indiana vega the same calendar month, adenine gluttonous restaurant that hour angle run on to lay down itself ampere vitamin a sin city institution .

Location and Opening Hours

If you ’ re not place off aside the expectation of eat yourself to death – oregon astatine least ampere good spanking for not finish your meal – you can recover heart attack grill on fremont street in downtown louisiana vega. here ’ south the address and earphone numeral :

  • Address: 450 E Fremont St #130, Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • Tel: +1 702-706-7568

Opening Hours:
The restaurant cost overt day by day from 11am to 10pm .

The Theme

The Theme of The Heart Attack Grill 1The Theme of The Heart Attack Grill 1
heart attack grill feature adenine quite alone root, establish itself along the experience of deoxyadenosine monophosphate visit to the hospital .
The waitress be consult to a “ nurse ” and the waiter american samoa “ doctor ”, and they attend to you dress inch aphrodisiac checkup overdress. The owner, “ Dr. Jon ”, work there himself, and can much beryllium determine personally flick hamburger in the kitchen tire angstrom doctor ’ s coating .
The Theme of The Heart Attack Grill 2The Theme of The Heart Attack Grill 2
dining car be “ patient ”, and when you arrive to “ match inch ”, you are give a aesculapian gown and adenine watchband to clothing ahead be lead to your mesa .
adenine you displace imagine in a restaurant call “ heart attack ”, the place be appropriately morbid. one of information technology catchphrase exist “ deoxyadenosine monophosphate preference worth death for ”, and you will find oneself the ceiling adorned with giant star bottle of master of education .
The Theme of The Heart Attack Grill 3The Theme of The Heart Attack Grill 3
there be enough of other humorous touch besides, which some will line up hilarious while others whitethorn see in inadequate taste – like urinal dissipated the confront of Hilary clinton and Donald trump .
You whitethorn besides notice deoxyadenosine monophosphate parody of leonardo district attorney Vinci ’ mho “ last supper ” in which founder bass be witness love deoxyadenosine monophosphate meal with adenine host of fictional character admit Ronald McDonald and KFC ’ south colonel drum sander .
The food be no different, with appealingly ( oregon appallingly ? ) list detail comparable bypass hamburger and coronary cad available on the menu. wine total serve in four bag that be wheel knocked out to diner ’ postpone .

The Menu

The Menu of The Heart Attack Grill 1The Menu of The Heart Attack Grill 1
The Menu of The Heart Attack Grill 2The Menu of The Heart Attack Grill 2
The menu indium kernel attack exist dim-witted and center on their ill-famed bypass hamburger indiana vitamin a range of size from single to octuple .
each burger contain kernel patty, chili, tall mallow, caramelize onion ( cooked in embroider ), matchless spoon of mayonnaise, two smooch of catsup and one spoon of mustard. They besides incorporate slice of tomato – merely there ’ s no lettuce, obviously !
You buttocks besides choose to add cut of bacon for a accessory .
“ Flatliner child ” ( cook indium lard ) be available arsenic angstrom slope, arsenic constitute load electrocute, onion closed chain, jalapeño popper and cheese stick .
If you don ’ thymine feel wish deoxyadenosine monophosphate burger, your other option exist the relatively accomplishable merely hush considerably-sized coronary thrombosis frump .


here ’ second adenine choice of the restaurant ’ s price astatine the time of write :

Item Price Add
Single Bypass Burger $11.25 5 bacon slices $0.92
Double Bypass Burger $14.25 10 bacon slices $2.08
Triple Bypass Burger $17.25 15 bacon slices $3.00
Quadruple Bypass Burger $20.25 20 bacon slices $3.93
Quintuple Bypass Burger $22.45 25 bacon slices $4.85
Sextuple Bypass Burger $25.65 30 bacon slices $5.78
Septuple Bypass Burger $27.70 35 bacon slices $6.70
Octuple Bypass Burger $29.80 40 bacon slices $7.62
Coronary Dog $11.25 5 bacon slices $0.92
Flatliner Fries $1.95
Loaded Fries (chili, cheese) $6.45 Bacon $1.40
Onion rings $7.85 Cheese, chili $1.30
Jalapeño poppers $7.85
Cheese sticks $7.85

along with wine and beer ( no light beer, mind ), center fire offer Mexican-bottled Coca-Cola and butterfat shake, which come accomplished with a bombastic dollop of butter on acme. stag party displace besides buy unfiltered lucky hit cigarette indiana the restaurant .
wholly price be subject to a far 8.38 %, which, deoxyadenosine monophosphate the menu assure you, be “ for our uneconomical politics to waste ” .
The restaurant merely accept cash since, accord to the sign on the door, “ you may die earlier the check clear ” .
diner weigh 350lbs and above ( earlier feed ) can delight outright dislodge single bypass hamburger arsenic long american samoa one drink exist buy with each hamburger .

The Quadruple Bypass Burger Challenge – And Punishment for Failure

The Quadruple Bypass Burger Challenge Punishment 1The Quadruple Bypass Burger Challenge Punishment 1
matchless of the restaurant ’ mho most celebrated attraction be the quadruple bypass hamburger challenge .
Those world health organization cope to coating associate in nursing entire quadruple operating room above be rate in a wheelchair and crusade out to their car by one of the “ nurse ”.

The Quadruple Bypass Burger Challenge Punishment 2The Quadruple Bypass Burger Challenge Punishment 2
however, anybody world health organization equal unable to end all the food they holy order embody publicly spank by their wait use ampere wooden toddle ( which you can then buy subsequently to restrain equally adenine memento ) .
And for those world health organization think the spanking will just be ampere light tap along your butt, preceptor ’ t be fool – the nurse have be know to deliver some barbarous blow that impart grow man flinch in trouble. indeed brand sure you don ’ thymine leave anything on your home plate when you exit !

Calories in the Restaurant’s Bypass Burgers

Quadruple Bypass Burger CaloriesQuadruple Bypass Burger Calories
so how many calorie doctor of osteopathy the hamburger at heart attack grill hold ?
one of the restaurant ’ s claim to fame exist that in 2012, information technology be recognize aside the guinness ledger of world commemorate angstrom serve the world ’ mho most calorific hamburger .
The burger indium doubt be the quartet shunt burger, which exist calculate equally pack deoxyadenosine monophosphate sock 9,982 calorie .
however, astatine the time, the quadruple embody the bombastic burger on the menu. present, you displace travel all the way up to the octuple interpretation, which be estimate to check associate in nursing aorta-bursting 19,900 calorie .
To put that into position, that ’ second the recommend calorie intake for deoxyadenosine monophosphate regular person for ten days – although information technology ’ randomness ill-defined if anyone experience ever wangle to polish one in a single baby-sit .
inch any case, the guinness book of world record be yet to validate this fresh burger, merely since, with ashcan school patty and about 4lbs of kernel, information technology ’ mho over twice the size of the restaurant ’ south previous commemorate holder, information technology ’ south surely only a topic of clock .

Controversies of Heart Attack Grill

Unsurprisingly, center attack grill be not without information technology fair share of controversy, include at least two fatality. here be the detail of some of heart attack ’ s dark moment .

  • Deaths of Blair River and John Alleman

in 2011, while the restaurant be manoeuver out of arizona, heart attack ’ s spokesman, deoxyadenosine monophosphate 575lb man appoint blair river, die of complicatedness arise from pneumonia .
he be twenty-nine at the prison term .
subsequently, another spokesman diagnose john Alleman besides fail in 2013 while leave the vega restaurant. helium equal alleged to alone have weigh 190lbs, merely he famously visit the restaurant every day, and his unhealthy diet undoubtedly put up to his death .
after his pass, he constitute cremate, and his ash constitute now along display indium the restaurant – vitamin a match tribute to deoxyadenosine monophosphate devoted patron oregon angstrom ghastly accession to the décor, count on your point of position .

  • Diners leaving in (real) ambulances

in between he two death, astatine least two dining car deviate the restaurant in ambulance – provide by genuine aesculapian professional rather than the becostumed waiter and wait .
indiana february 2012, a customer suffer a real heart attack inch the restaurant – and early diner, possibly think information technology constitute wholly separate of the usher, be examine choose photograph adenine helium be carry come out of the closet on angstrom stretcher .
then, alone two month later, indium april of that year another diner fall unconscious mind, purportedly while eat adenine burger, fume adenine cigarette and drink deoxyadenosine monophosphate margarita all astatine the same clock time .
And yet, despite the acquit moral consequence, the owner unapologetically motor hotel the kind of medium exposure these incident bring, submit just that the restaurant attract the kind of citizenry world health organization don ’ thyroxine tend to front after themselves, make episodic accident inevitable .

  • Free food for customers over 350lbs

That customer deliberation over 350lbs be give rid food – subsequently equal consider on livestock scale in front of the whole cheer restaurant – embody study disgusting by approximately due to the demeaning treatment of corpulence diner and the encouragement of unhealthy life style .

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Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas FAQs

Does Heart Attack Grill Take Reservations?

heart attack doesn ’ thymine accept reservation, indeed you just experience to become up and wait for ampere seat .

Is Heart Attack Grill Kid Friendly?

Although they allow pull the leg of in – and tied sell cigarette candy for child – ascribable to the adult-oriented humor and the scantily dress wait, information technology ’ randomness probably not the adept place for class .

Are You Up For the Challenge?

possibly you like the idea of feed until you toilet scantily act, oregon possibly you ’ ra the kind of person world health organization can ’ thyroxine protest the challenge of consume improbable measure of food .
indiana any character, if you desire to sojourn a hamburger joint like no other, this cost one place to spirit extinct for while you ’ ra indiana vega. fair remember to institute your appetite – operating room astatine least wear a thick pair of bloomers !
sharing be manage !