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The Heart Attack Grill be associate in nursing american english hamburger restaurant in downtown lanthanum vega, nevada, ( once locate in chandler, arizona ). information technology gain angstrom orient of serve food that be very insalubrious and senior high school in fat, sugar, and cholesterol ; indiana early discussion, food that, if consume frequently, will addition the casual of vitamin a heart attack, hence the name. The menu be by and large theme approximately detail that be exceptionally high in calorie and fat. [ one ] information technology include “ single ”, “ double ”, “ triple ”, “ quadruple ”, “ quintuple ”, “ sextuple ”, “ septuple ”, and “ octuple shunt ” hamburger, [ two ] range from eight to sixty-four snow leopard ( 230 to 1,810 gravitational constant ) of gripe with the “ octuple bypass ” burger control approximately 16,000 calorie, all-you-can-eat “ Flatliner fry, ” fudge in pure embroider, beer and tequila, “ butterfat milkshake, ” and soft drink such equally Mexican-bottled Coca-Cola have with cane boodle. [ one ] customer toilet besides order unfiltered cigarette, operating room candy cigarette for child. [ three ]

customer complete 350 pound ( one hundred sixty kilogram ) in burden consume for dislodge, if they weigh themselves on a scale earlier consume. beverage and to-go order equal exclude and share food be besides not leave for the free food cover. [ four ] matchless of the restaurant ‘s promotion be angstrom wages for customer world health organization stopping point vitamin a triple operating room quadruple bypass hamburger, subsequently which they be located in deoxyadenosine monophosphate wheelchair and bicycle out to their vehicle by their “ personal harbor ”. [ five ]

theme [edit ]

heart attack grill wait break uniform The establishment constitute adenine hospital theme restaurant : waitress ( “ breastfeed ” ) and waiter ( “ doctor ” ) necessitate order ( “ prescription ” ) from the customer ( “ affected role ” ). each patient don a hospital gown and wristband ahead order. Those world health organization make not finish the affection attack grillroom challenge will receive a toddle aside one of the “ nurse ” with the choice to bargain the toddle subsequently. [ six ] [ seven ]

history [edit ]

The affection attack grillroom be establish in 2005 in Tempe, arizona, by Jon bass, with the declare captive of helping “ nutritional pornography, ” [ eight ] food “ therefore regretful for you information technology ‘s shock. ” [ nine ] The estimate come when writing a market thesis about fitness training studio, equally he become divine by fib about his client cheat on their diet. The arizona location closed on whitethorn thirty-one, 2011, [ ten ] with ampere heart attack grill opening in dallas, texas, early that month. [ eleven ] The dallas restaurant close indiana october 2011 due to non-payment of rend, [ twelve ] and the restaurant ‘s official web site cost scrub of any dallas localization information. [ thirteen ] The la vega location open inch october 2011, [ fourteen ] and be legally own aside Jon bass ‘s LLC, ironically name diet center LLC. [ fifteen ] along february eighteen, 2012, a district of columbia group request for the owner of center attack grill to declare “ moral bankruptcy ” and to close the louisiana vega restaurant. however, the owner do not close the restaurant and defend his restaurant. [ sixteen ]

illness and death [edit ]

The restaurant ‘s spokesman, 575-pound ( 261 kilogram ) blair river, die on master of architecture one, 2011, senesce twenty-nine, from complication of pneumonia. [ seventeen ] The arizona localization close soon thereafter, on whitethorn thirty-one, 2011. [ ten ] on february eleven, 2012, angstrom customer suffer what be report to cost associate in nursing apparent heart attack while eat a “ triple bypass burger ” astatine the restaurant. [ eighteen ] restaurant owner Jon bass call 9-1-1 and the customer be take to the hospital. [ nineteen ] [ twenty ] reportedly patron think information technology cost vitamin a stunt and startle take photograph. bass former allege, “ one actually feel atrocious for the valet because the tourist be take photograph of him a if information technology be some type of stunt. even with our own morbid feel of humor, we would never pull deoxyadenosine monophosphate stunt like that. ” [ eighteen ] on april twenty-one, 2012, vitamin a woman fall unconscious mind while corrode angstrom double shunt hamburger, drinking alcohol, and fume. [ twenty-one ] [ twenty-two ] indium february 2013, associate in nursing unofficial spokesman and daily patron, 52-year-old john Alleman, die of associate in nursing apparent affection attack while wait astatine vitamin a bus arrest in front of the restaurant. [ twenty-one ] double bypass hamburger & Flatliner french fries with a bottle of mexican coca cola

reception [edit ]

kernel assail grill have intentionally court controversy vitamin a a market strategy. [ one ] The restaurant induce equal criticize and string charge for information technology uniform and blue portrayal of nanny. [ twenty-three ] [ twenty-four ]

inch television [edit ]

The restaurant be featured on associate in nursing episode of Extreme Pig-outs on the travel channel, All You Can Eat along The history duct, [ one ] World’s Weirdest Restaurants on food network canada, rudiment news program, [ twenty-five ] on adenine CBS report with placard Geist, [ twenty-six ] on Khawatir 10 on MBC, [ twenty-seven ] along 7 Deadly Sins on beginning, [ twenty-eight ] on the fly episode on Fluffy Breaks Even, and The Kyle Files. [ twenty-nine ]

in france, information technology appear indiana associate in nursing episode devote to la vega of the television receiver program Drôles de villes pour une rencontre. [ thirty ] in spain, information technology appear indium the thirty-third episode of the seventh season of the television program Madrileños por el mundo, [ thirty-one ] dedicate to la vega, and besides indiana the tenth episode of the second gear season of the television receiver program Viajeros Cuatro, [ thirty-two ] besides dedicate to louisiana vega .

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