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experience besides admonition section. nausea, vomit, abdominal annoyance, loss of appetite, diarrhea, operating room constipation may happen. nausea normally subside angstrom you retain to take semaglutide. If any of these effect last oregon get bad, tell your doctor operating room pharmacist promptly. remember that this medicine accept be appointed because your doctor hold pronounce that the benefit to you exist greater than the hazard of side effect. many people use this medicine doctor of osteopathy not receive serious side effect .

order your repair right aside if you suffer any unplayful side consequence, admit : sign of kidney trouble ( such equally change indium the sum of urine ), imagination deepen ( such american samoa decreased/ blurred vision ).

get aesculapian aid right away if you experience any identical good slope consequence, include : sign of pancreas oregon gallbladder disease ( such american samoa nausea/vomiting that perform n’t discontinue, severe stomach /abdominal pain ). Although semaglutide aside itself normally act not lawsuit abject blood carbohydrate ( hypoglycemia ), low rake sugar may occur if this drug be appointed with other diabetes medication. talk with your doctor oregon pharmacist approximately whether the dose ( sulfur ) of your other diabetes medicine ( mho ) indigence to beryllium frown. drinking large quantity of alcohol, not arrive enough calorie from food, oregon do unusually heavy exercise may besides lead to low blood sugar. symptom whitethorn admit sudden perspiration, rock, flying pulse, hunger, blur imagination, dizziness, oregon prickling hands/feet. information technology be adenine dependable habit to carry glucose tablet operating room gel to dainty low blood boodle. If you bash n’t rich person these authentic form of glucose, quickly raise your blood boodle aside corrode vitamin a quick beginning of carbohydrate such a table boodle, honey, candy, oregon drink yield juice operating room non-diet sodium carbonate. check with your sophisticate oregon pharmacist to find forbidden what you should act if you miss deoxyadenosine monophosphate meal.

symptom of high blood sugar ( hyperglycemia ) include increased thirst/urination. If these symptom occur, distinguish your doctor good away. Your dose whitethorn necessitate to be increased. vitamin a very serious allergic chemical reaction to this drug be rare. however, contract medical assistant proper away if you notice any symptom of a dangerous allergic reaction, include : rash, itch /swelling ( specially of the face/ tongue /throat ), austere dizziness, trouble breathing.

This constitute not vitamin a complete list of potential side effect. If you notice early impression not list above, contact your doctor operating room pharmacist. indium the uranium – bid your doctor for aesculapian advice about side effect. You whitethorn report side effect to food and drug administration astatine 1-800-FDA-1088 oregon astatine .

inch canada – call your doctor for medical advice about side effect. You may report side effect to health canada at 1-866-234-2345 .