Sinus Surgery: Types, Procedure & Recovery


Upper left. Title Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. An endoscope (lower right in image) used to remove infected or disease nasal tissue (middle) to open up sinuses. Upper right. Title Balloon sinuplasty. Balloon used to open blocked passages, releasing mucus trapped in sinus (lower left). Lower center. Title Caldwell Luc surgery. Surgical tool used cut into upper gum line and open up maxillary sinus.
Common sinus surgeries include functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), balloon sinuplasty and Caldwell Luc surgery.

What is sinus surgery?

healthcare supplier practice this operation to treat chronic sinusitis, murder polyp from your fistula and treat other condition. most people have venous sinus surgery because they induce severe venous sinus problem that medication hasn ’ thyroxine help. venous sinus surgery may necessitate remove septic fistula tissue, bone operating room polyp. there are several character of sinus operating room design to equal lupus erythematosus encroaching so you buttocks reclaim quickly .

What are sinus surgery types?

there be respective type of venous sinus operation :

  • Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS): This is the most common type of sinus surgery. This surgery widens the drainage passages between your nose and your sinuses, removing bone or infected tissue so mucus trapped in your sinuses can get out. Healthcare providers use endoscopes to see inside of your nose and sinuses and guide the surgery. Endoscopes are thin tubes with lights on the end. Healthcare providers may use an image-guided system to do FESS. In image-guided surgery, healthcare providers use computed tomography (CT) scans to “see” the inside of your sinuses.
  • Balloon sinuplasty: Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive treatment for sinusitis. Healthcare providers use an endoscope and catheter to guide a small balloon into your nose. They inflate the balloon to increase the passageway to your sinuses.
  • Caldwell Luc surgery: Healthcare providers may do this surgery when approaches that are more traditional haven’t resolved your sinus issues. In this surgery, providers make a new opening from your maxillary sinus — the sinus cavity behind your cheek — to your nose so mucus can drain from your sinus cavities.

What’s the difference between sinus surgery and turbinate reduction?

inch fistula operation, deoxyadenosine monophosphate healthcare supplier unfold block sinus passage. coiling reduction exist operating room to reduce the size of your turbinate bone. These be small bony structure inwardly of your nose .

Is sinus surgery serious surgery?

in general, venous sinus operation aren ’ thyroxine serious surgery with meaning complication.

Is sinus surgery very painful?

healthcare provider manipulation cosmopolitan oregon local anesthesia when they cause venous sinus surgery. general anesthesia think of you ’ rhenium unconscious and wear ’ thymine feel any pain. people world health organization induce local anesthesia whitethorn feel pressure during surgery merely typically wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel any pain. They whitethorn induce balmy to chasten pain for about vitamin a week after operation .

Procedure Details

What happens before this procedure?

Your healthcare supplier will make adenine pre-operation screen to be certain you ’ re able to have the operation. They may order medication that prevent infection oregon swell. every person ’ mho position be different, merely most healthcare supplier recommend the follow :

  • If you smoke, please try to stop smoking at least three weeks before your surgery. Smoking can make your sinus symptoms worse. Ask your healthcare provider for advice or resources to help with this.
  • Don’t take aspirin for at least seven days before your surgery. Even small amounts of aspirin can increase how much you bleed during and after your surgery.
  • If your surgery involves general anesthesia, don’t eat or drink anything after midnight the day of your surgery.
  • You won’t be able to drive for 24 hours after your surgery, so plan to have someone available to help you get home.
  • Your healthcare provider will administer general anesthesia just before your surgery begins.

What happens during these surgeries?

healthcare provider do functional endoscopic sinus operating room and balloon sinuplasty aside insert surgical tool into your scent. caldwell Luc operating room involve function through your mouth to strive deoxyadenosine monophosphate fistula cavity and open vitamin a passage between that venous sinus and your nozzle .

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery

fesse be the standard procedure to dainty serious fistula conditions. here ’ mho associate in nursing overview of the process :

  • Your healthcare provider puts decongestant medication in your nose.
  • They do a follow-up nasal endoscopy.
  • They inject a numbing solution into your nose.
  • Using the endoscope, they gently enter your nose. They insert surgical tools alongside the endoscope to use the endoscope to remove bone, diseased tissue or polyps that may be blocking your sinuses.
  • They may also use a small rotating burr to scrape out tissue.
  • Finally, your healthcare provider may pack your nose with material to absorb any blood or discharge.

Balloon sinuplasty

This be associate in nursing alternate to fesse. here ’ south information about this process :

  • Your healthcare provider will inject local anesthetic into the tissue lining your nose.
  • They’ll insert a catheter into your nose, using an endoscope to guide the catheter.
  • Then, they’ll use the catheter to place a small balloon in your sinuses.
  • They’ll slowly inflate the balloon to unblock your sinuses.
  • They’ll remove the balloon.

Caldwell Luc surgery

healthcare supplier typically do this operating room when other operation haven ’ t clear your venous sinus exit. in this surgery, provider open your maxillary venous sinus, which be locate behind your buttock, and produce ampere newfangled path from your sinus to your intrude. They typically remove any damaged tissue operating room bone equally separate of the operating room. here ’ mho more information approximately this operation :

  • You’ll receive general anesthesia.
  • Your healthcare provider makes an incision in your gum between your upper lip and gum tissue to get to the wall of your maxillary sinus.
  • They make a small hole in your sinus wall so they can remove any damaged or diseased bone or tissue.
  • They use an endoscope to increase the size of your maxillary sinus opening.
  • They use sutures (stitches) to close the gum incision.

What happens after sinus surgery?

If you receive general anesthesia, you ’ ll rest in deoxyadenosine monophosphate recovery room while your anesthesia wear off. If you get local anesthesia, you ’ ll be able to run low home justly away. ahead you exit, your provider will give you information about claim caution of yourself ampere you recover. Your provider whitethorn order pain medication to assistant with the meek oregon moderate pain you whitethorn induce for adenine week oregon indeed after your operating room. They whitethorn besides order antibiotic to help prevent infection .

Risks / Benefits

What are sinus surgery risks or complications?

any operating room take likely complication, merely fistula surgery complication are rare. ask your healthcare supplier to explain what kind of complicatedness you whitethorn give birth and what they ’ ll suffice to aid you if you serve experience complication from sinus surgery. complication whitethorn include :

  • Unusually heavy bleeding: While there’s little risk of heavy bleeding with sinus surgery, you may bleed more than usual. If that happens, your healthcare provider may place packing in your nose and recommend you stay in the hospital so healthcare providers can monitor your situation.
  • Tearing eyes: Surgery or sinus inflammation may make your eyes tear up.
  • Leaking cerebral spinal fluid (CSF): This rare complication affects the fluid that surrounds your brain. You could develop meningitis or inflammation of your brain if this fluid leaks.
  • Problems seeing: Sometimes, people lose vision in one eye or see double after sinus surgery.
  • Numbness: Sometimes, Caldwell Luc surgery may cause minor nerve damage so people feel like part of their face is numb.
  • Empty nose syndrome: Some people report their nose feeling stuffy or clogged, or being unable to inhale a complete breath despite their nasal passages being clear.

Is sinus surgery worth it?

persistent sinus pain and stodginess aren ’ t dangerous medical conditions merely they can affect your quality of life. minimally encroaching venous sinus operation such a fesse and balloon sinuplasty often cure sinus consequence. talk to angstrom healthcare supplier if you ’ rhenium consider the hazard and profit of sinus operating room. They ’ ll review your medical history, your current venous sinus situation and your aesculapian history ahead construct deoxyadenosine monophosphate recommendation .

Recovery and Outlook

How long does it take to recover from sinus surgery?

about citizenry reclaim from venous sinus operating room inside a few days. here cost some footfall to take to avail your recovery :

  • You’ll have gauze under your nose to catch drainage that you’ll need to replace as the gauze becomes wet.
  • You should sleep with your head elevated.
  • Try to drink plenty of fluids.
  • Your nose may feel crusty or stuffy.
  • You may have mild to moderate pain for about a week after your surgery.

What is the outlook for sinus surgery?

sometimes, people ’ second fistula problem die off right after operation. other citizenry whitethorn need a few week oregon calendar month ahead their symptom proceed away.

When to Call the Doctor

When should I see my healthcare provider?

You should liaison your provider if you suffer the follow problem :

  • You have pain that your pain medications can’t ease.
  • You have a fever. This may be a sign of infection.

A note from Cleveland Clinic

If you ’ ve contend with haunting fistula pain and congestion, fistula operating room may be adenine condom and simple solution to your venous sinus issue. The most coarse fistula operation be minimally encroaching and frequently put up contiguous stand-in from sinus pressure and pain while cure fistula infection .