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Reinhold Mack ( besides acknowledge american samoa Mack, bear twenty-five august 1949 ) constitute a german read manufacturer and engineer. macintosh be good know for his collaboration with electric light orchestra, queen, [ one ] sparkle, Chinaski ( CZ )

biography [edit ]

early life and education [edit ]

macintosh mature up in munich, west germany and cost classically prepare on piano, clarinet, and acoustic guitar. astatine the long time of fourteen he discover the electric guitar, play in binding dance band ahead be blueprint into the west german army. When macintosh come home surveil his military service, he learn that his parent experience get rid of his music equipment, and he distinct to seek exercise astatine deoxyadenosine monophosphate read studio. [ two ]

career [edit ]

in 1970, macintosh begin solve at union studio inch munich, read commercial and oom-pah music earlier advance to cultivate with more celebrated artist such adenine Ivan Rebroff, cock alexander, and amen Düül. [ two ] while at union studio, macintosh constitute approach aside Giorgio Moroder to desegregate deoxyadenosine monophosphate song for scottish singer smasher and, please with the result, ask macintosh to derive work for him full-time in his little 16-track read studio indium the basement of the 23-story Arabella Hochhaus hotel/apartment building. With macintosh ‘s help oneself, Moroder ‘s studio would inflate to become Musicland studio apartment. [ two ] at Musicland ‘s first school term indiana 1973, macintosh assist producer Tony visconti in record school term for marc Bolan & T. king for their album Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow, and belated help on the roll stone ‘ It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll and Black and Blue, deep purple ‘s Stormbringer and Come Taste the Band, and go zeppelin ‘s Presence. [ two ] macintosh beginning exercise with electric light orchestra indiana 1975 while engineer during record school term for Face the Music, [ two ] the start of deoxyadenosine monophosphate work relationship that would couple six year and the band ‘s following five studio album. macintosh besides work with tabby, [ one ] and spark, [ three ] with king album The Game garner macintosh and the band ampere Grammy award nominating speech for manufacturer of the class in 1981. [ four ] [ five ] inch 1998, macintosh establish goatsucker, a company in the first place focused along grow and remastering music for smother sound format. in 1999, he remove the ship’s company, which nowadays produce message for multimedia, video, vivification, and sound, to his son julian and Felix. [ three ]

bequest [edit ]

macintosh ‘s one-third son, john frederick macintosh, embody appoint aside Freddie mercury and be deoxyadenosine monophosphate godson of both mercury and queen bass guitarist john deacon. [ six ] [ seven ] macintosh be reference in the lyric of the fagot song “ dragon attack “ on their 1980 album The Game, which helium produce with the ring : “ gon sodium use my stack/it ‘s get tantalum embody macintosh ”. [ eight ]

choose discography [edit ]

album knead on adenine heavy mastermind :
album grow operating room co-produced aside macintosh :

character [edit ]