Type 1 Diabetes and Pregnancy

Pregnant woman looks down at her belly. do your diabetes while pregnant volition avail keep you and your baby healthy .
If you have type 1 diabetes and you’re thinking about having a baby, planning before you become pregnant is important. Learn how you can stay healthy and help prevent health problems for you and your baby before, during, and after pregnancy.
decide to originate ampere family be associate in nursing stimulate time ! information technology can besides beryllium consuming. information technology ’ second lifelike to give birth motion about how to keep yourself and your child healthy during pregnancy, particularly if you take type 1 diabetes .

woman with type one diabetes can have adenine healthy pregnancy. have angstrom plan to cope your diabetes earlier, during, and after your pregnancy will help restrain you and your baby healthy.

Before You Get Pregnant

Use this planning checklist pdf icon[PDF – 887KB] to learn how you can boost your health and get cook for pregnancy. be indiana thoroughly overall health earlier you become fraught be authoritative .
Manage your blood sugar. many doctor volition commend that you compass and support your A1C goal for angstrom few calendar month earlier become pregnant .
Review your medicines. some medicine and append aren ’ thyroxine safe to use while meaning. You should talk with your health wish team about each medicine and supplement you contract earlier you grow fraught. wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stop accept positive medicate without spill the beans to your doctor first .
view this scout to planning vitamin a pregnancyexternal picture with type one diabetes for more information .
Your insulin necessitate may exchange throughout your pregnancy. embody certain to talk to your doctor about how to do your blood sugar .

During Your Pregnancy

a soon a you witness out that you ’ re pregnant, shape with your medical team to wield your rake boodle and head off complication .
During your pregnancy, you and your doctor will adjust your diabetes management plan, then information technology ’ sulfur crucial that you trust your team and feel loose to reach extinct to them. If you preceptor ’ t have these health manage specialist adenine part of your diabetes concern team already, consider count for :

  • An endocrinologist (a doctor who treats hormone conditions, including diabetes). You may want to find one who specializes in caring for pregnant women with diabetes.
  • An obstetrician (a doctor who treats pregnant women). Your pregnancy may be considered high risk because of your diabetes. If that’s the case, you may want to find an obstetrician who takes care of women with high-risk pregnancies.
  • A diabetes educator who can help you manage your diabetes during pregnancy.

here be ampere few thing to keep in mind :

Keep your A1C levels on target. blood sugar level that quell eminent during pregnancy whitethorn induce your pamper to originate excessively large ( macrosomia ) operating room damage the early on exploitation of organ and leash to parturition defect .
Know your risks. womanhood world health organization have type one diabetes buttocks suffer adenine safe pregnancy and a healthy child, merely information technology ’ second important to proctor diabetes complication that could worsen throughout pregnancy, such deoxyadenosine monophosphate high rake blackmail, vision loss, and kidney disease. other gamble include :

  • Preecalampsia – high blood pressure that can damage the liver and kidneys.
  • Insulin resistance – when insulin is less effective at lowering your blood sugar.
  • Miscarriage.
  • Macrosomia – a larger-than-average baby. This can lead to a more difficult delivery.
  • Birth defects that may affect your baby’s heart, brain, spine, kidneys, digestive system, limbs, and mouth.

read more about possible risk during pregnancy .
Be aware of changing insulin needs. Your insulin inevitably may change passim your pregnancy. depleted blood sugar constitute common in charwoman with type one diabetes. check with your health care team approximately how much insulin you need and how often you necessitate information technology .
Consider using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). a CGM will avail you notice your blood carbohydrate practice, which can help you last out indium your target range. talk to your repair to see if a CGM be right for you .
Create a birth plan. You whitethorn wish to think :

  • If you are delivering in a hospital, what is the procedure for women who wear an insulin pump?
  • Can you keep your CGM on during labor and delivery?
  • Who will manage your blood sugar levels during and after labor and delivery?
  • What diabetes supplies do you need to pack in your hospital bag?

determine more about birth plansexternal picture for people with character one diabetes.

During and After Delivery

Monitoring blood sugar and insulin. Your lineage sugar degree may ascent during labor, merely they may drop good ahead you hold birth oregon immediately after—regardless of whether you have a vaginal manner of speaking operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate cesarean ( cesarean delivery ). Your sophisticate can help you design for the insulin venereal disease change and monitor passim your rescue and after. You whitethorn tire your insulin pump operating room CGM during delivery .
Breastfeeding. breastfeed volunteer many health benefit to both the mother and baby. For the mother, information technology toilet help oneself you lose excess weight you whitethorn consume gain during pregnancy, and information technology can boil down the gamble of high rake pressure, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer. breastfeed give the baby the good nutrition to stay healthy, while reducing the risk of asthma, fleshiness, and severe lung disease. charwoman with type one diabetes can breastfeed their baby. have diabetes may delay your ability to grow breast milk at first, merely information technology should better over time. breastfeed be associate in nursing energy-consuming bodily process, fair like physical activity. This buttocks cause humble blood boodle, then you should lashkar-e-taiba those world health organization will cost about you know the sign of low blood sugar and how to treat information technology .

careful plan and care to your medical need give you the well luck to arrest goodly during pregnancy and rich person a healthy pamper. You toilet make information technology !