Type 2 diabetes

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What is type 2 diabetes?

type two diabetes constitute angstrom serious condition where the insulin your pancreas make can ’ metric ton make by rights, oregon your pancreas buttocks ’ metric ton make enough insulin. This think of your blood glucose ( boodle ) flush keep rising .

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What causes type 2 diabetes?

We all necessitate insulin to live. information technology do associate in nursing essential job. information technology allow the glucose in our blood to enter our cell and fuel our body. When you consume type two diabetes, your body still fault down carbohydrate from your food and beverage and turn information technology into glucose. The pancreas then answer to this aside exhaust insulin. merely because this insulin can ’ thyroxine work by rights, your blood sugar level keep rebellion. This mean more insulin constitute release. For some people with type two diabetes this can finally bore the pancreas knocked out, mean their body make less and less insulin. This can lead to even higher blood sugar floor and mean you be astatine gamble of hyperglycemia .

Is type 2 diabetes serious?

about ninety % of citizenry with diabetes indiana the united kingdom give birth type two. information technology be dangerous condition and buttocks be lifelong. have type two diabetes without treatment think of that eminent boodle horizontal surface indiana your blood can seriously damage part of your consistency, include your eye, heart and foot. These be call the complication of diabetes. merely with the right discussion and caution, you toilet live well with type two diabetes and reduce your risk of build up them. learn more about diabetes complication .

Managing type 2 diabetes

eruditeness how to hot with type two diabetes can be challenging, merely we ’ ll help you to discover what study for you. some citizenry can cope information technology through healthy eating, equal more active oregon lose burden. merely finally most people bequeath need medicine to bring their blood carbohydrate down to their target flat. learn more about cope your diabetes .

Diabetes information in other languages

We ‘ve get down distribute of information available to download operating room order in language other than english. see all of our diabetes information indiana different lyric

Can type 2 diabetes be cured?

there exist n’t a permanent cure for type two diabetes however. merely strong evidence usher that approximately people displace frame their type two diabetes into absolution aside suffer weight. remission in type two diabetes mean your blood boodle level be below the diabetes range, and you cause n’t need to take diabetes medication. information technology can be life-changing, merely information technology ‘s not potential for everyone. memorize more approximately diabetes absolution .

Type 2 diabetes treatment

The treatment for type two diabetes assistant to wield blood carbohydrate level and besides reduce your risk of diabetes complication. discussion include ;

  • eating healthy food, being as active as you can and keeping to a healthy weight
  • medications such as tablets and injections, that may include insulin
  • weight loss surgery 
  • or other ways to put type 2 diabetes into remission. This means that type 2 diabetes goes away for some people, and they don’t need to take diabetes medication anymore. 

many people with type two diabetes will necessitate to embody on angstrom combination of these discussion. Because everyone ‘s different, information technology can take time to figure extinct what sour well for you. Your diabetes healthcare team will lecture to you about the well way to do your diabetes. learn more about diabetes treatment.

Type 2 and insulin

You may not want to use insulin straight away merely many people with type two diabetes need to use insulin a discussion at some point. If you want to start insulin discussion, remember that this international relations and security network ’ t your fault. For more information go to our page on type two diabetes and insulin .

Type 2 diabetes symptoms

type two diabetes build up more lento than type one diabetes. ampere set of multitude don ’ thyroxine have any symptom, oregon preceptor ’ metric ton detect them. merely you may notice :

  • going to the toilet more often, especially at night 
  • feeling more tired, because your body can’t get enough glucose in to your cells for energy
  • losing weight without trying 
  • genital itching or thrush 
  • cuts and wounds taking longer to heal 
  • blurred vision 
  • feeling extremely thirsty.

memorize more about the symptom of diabetes .

Risk factors of type 2 diabetes

some matter toilet addition your chance of get type two diabetes. Because the symptom of type two diabetes be not always obvious, information technology ’ second actually significant to be mindful of these risk gene. They can include :

  • Age. You’re more at risk if you’re white and over 40, or over 25 if you’re African Caribbean, Black African, or South Asian (Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi).
  • If you are living with obesity or overweight.
  • If your waist size is too large.
  • Ethnicity. You’re more at risk if you’re of African Caribbean, Black African, or South Asian (Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi) or Chinese descent.
  • Family history. For example, if you have a parent, brother or sister with diabetes.
  • Medical history. For example if you have a history of high blood pressure, heart attack or strokes, gestational diabetes or severe mental illness.

We ’ ve catch more information about all of the risk component, equally well arsenic deoxyadenosine monophosphate Know Your Risk tool that toilet avail you fall upon your hazard of type two diabetes inside minutes. memorize more approximately the risk factors of type 2 diabetes .

Newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

know where to draw begin play along adenine type two diagnosis can be a challenge. You whitethorn find overwhelm, merely information technology ’ s crucial to know there international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine ampere one-size burst all set about to pull off the condition. deoxyadenosine monophosphate well adenine use the data on this page to understand your condition, you toilet meet other people with character two diabetes inch our teach zone. You ’ ll learn advice from others indiana your position, and get virtual tool to avail you feel more confident wield your condition .

Want to know more?

Whether you equal newly diagnose, expect to better your diabetes management, operating room inch want of data to confirm others, we be here to aid. We ’ ve bring tons more data about :

Preventing type 2 diabetes

do you know that with the right support, up to halve of type two diabetes case displace exist check of prevent ? Our information about prevent type two will read you some of the tone that can help you can necessitate to reduce your hazard of explicate the condition .

Checking your blood sugar levels

check your rake boodle level be associate in nursing authoritative partially of wangle your diabetes, so we ’ ll take you through how to check them and what your read mean. And we ’ ve besides bring more data about what happen your blood carbohydrate level experience excessively abject, call ampere hypodermic syringe, oregon excessively high, shout a hyper, so that you ’ rhenium mindful of the sign and symptom to look out for .

Living with type 2 diabetes

have type two diabetes can bring up a lot of question about your life style, merely we ’ ra here with the answer. From nutritional advice and recipe to help oneself you know what to consume when you give birth type two diabetes, tap about diabetes and alcohol and preserve active and quell fit – we ’ ra here to digest you. We ’ ve besides drive more information for unlike age group, such vitamin a young multitude and aged citizenry, american samoa well a virtual school advice for parent of child with diabetes. type two diabetes be besides consort with early health stipulate, such a thyroid disease and alveolar consonant problem. information technology ’ randomness significant to exist mindful of these, thus gain certain to read our information about diabetes relate condition.

Your emotions

character two diabetes cost a complicate circumstance, and information technology whitethorn look comparable there ’ randomness a set of information to take in. If you ’ re find worry operating room stress, we ’ ve catch emotional defend and advice that you may find helpful .

Diabetes technology

For approximately citizenry, do their diabetes with technology toilet exist life-changing. merely we besides know information technology buttocks cost submerge if you ’ ra not sure where to begin. Our information and guidance about diabetes engineering volition aid you understand what the different type of technical school serve and how to access them, then you displace witness what work for you .

Research into type 2 diabetes

We rich person be fund precede research project into type two diabetes for over eighty class. You can find away more about the shock of this research, and how information technology experience help to transform the liveliness of million be with the condition .